Aug 12, 2022Liked by Dahlia Kurtz

There’s a couple of problems with ‘perfection’ (according my my limited view anyway). Firstly it’s always a product of the current society. Peoples perception of perfection is always changing. You are always trying to hit a moving target so if you’re ‘perfect’ today, in a few years the idea of perfection will likely change. The concept is fleeting at best. It’s just not worth the energy expenditure. Secondly, let’s face it, if we were all ‘perfect’, we would all look alike. And who wants to live in a world of clones!?! I love the diversity in people. It’s the small oddities that make us unique and who we are. There you go, philosophy from a boomer/gen x-er. Ya, I’m dead between the two. See? I don’t fit the mould either. 🤪

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