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Mar 9, 2023·edited Mar 9, 2023

I don't have this issue, as overwhelming as my life may appear, I know my own worth and value it, even if no one else does. There's so much to do in this world, who has time to dwell on negative self talk? The more challenged I am, the more excited and determined I actually am. But I'm neurodiverse, I don't experience life the same way nuerotypical people do, lol. My body tells me when I need to stop and I do whatever I need to do to repair my body and mind, as limited as I am financially, it's just common sense. Although to others it may not seem like I do, I'm just very resilient & have a high tolerance. This is all actually very easy to do when you avoid people who just want to bring you down. I agree more people really do need to share their authentic experiences, it would really help in changing all the ridiculous taboos and biases out there.

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