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Dahlia Kurtz
DAHLIA is like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - but for adults. This fun and meaningful podcast looks for the helpers and ways to help you through your day. It may be conversations with everyday people doing extraordinary things, Oscar winners who have overcome the odds, or the man who jumped off The Golden Gate Bridge to take his life, yet miraculously lived to save so many lives. It may be giving a voice to those in need. But it’s always bringing people together. You won't get inundated with information here. You already get too much of that. You need wonder and reflection. So expect lots of that. Dahlia has been a talk show host for a decade with a mission to spread kindness. And her Network of Angels always leaves a trail. So come on over and let's make good things happen ... Why live and let live when you can live and HELP live?
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EP. 5: This week I unintentionally created the perfect day by doing everything I never would have done, I also watched a woman scream for her life, and discovered the kindness train - that helped a couple and their two cats flee war in Ukraine.

All three of these stories had one thing in common: They each showed how compassion is not dead. But how you’re probably killing your self-compassion.

After trauma - any trauma - you can go into a different mode, in which you attack yourself. Yes. It’s true. Self-attack. Trauma can activate all kinds of self-attack. It’s the opposite of self-compassion. 

Don’t worry. You can fix that. I will tell you how.

And so The Secret Episodes of DAHLIA continue, as we approach the launch in September …

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puppies protecting kittens from war in Ukraine amidst rubble
Three puppies protecting newborn kittens from war, amidst the rubble in Ukraine. Thank you, puppies. Lesson learned. Credit: TikTok/yaroslavlytcushun