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Gabor Maté told me he failed as a parent. Now his son (and co-author) Daniel talks about getting stuck in his childhood trauma. (And how much he loves his father.)

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Dahlia Kurtz
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We’ve had so many new people join our community here, so I thought this would be a good time to revisit one of the most-listened to episodes from this podcast.

Do you feel stuck? Well, then you are meant to be here. And my two-part conversation with Dr. Gabor Maté was meant to bring us to this place …

Now, the last question I asked Gabor was: “What’s your biggest failure?” And he told me that his greatest failure in life was himself as a parent. (By the by, many parents would probably say the same of themselves.) So I had to ask his son Daniel to talk about that. Give his perspective.

And, boy did he give it - and a whole lot more.


Daniel shares his personal stories, growth, and gives insight into the father-son best-seller, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, & Healing in a Toxic Culture. The result is an enlightening conversation about childhood trauma, narcissists, dealing with rifts in parent-adult-child relationships and sibling relationships …

And - really - all of this comes down to - getting stuck - AND unstuck - in life.


We also talk about Daniel’s work as a mental chiropractor - who helps people get unstuck, and the genesis of the two Matés’ HELLO AGAIN PROJECT, which offers a fresh start for parents and their adult children.

A screenshot from my Instagram LIVE with Daniel - I prefer the one my IG account shows.


• How childhood trauma could get you stuck as an adult. Daniel and I share some deeply personal examples. (NOTE: Gabor, Daniel really loves you! And, papa, I really love you!)
• Where to start when you want to get unstuck.
• Your superpowers are born of a wound.
• Why you’re probably looking in the wrong place to fix - or deal with - that rift with your parent or sibling.
• Where to look to heal that family relationship - or to move forward.
• What to do when a family member has an addiction.
• You are not the only one.


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You are loved.

~ dahlia xo


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