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Trauma needs to be validated and seen for what it is - without having a mental illness diagnosis attached to it.

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Dahlia Kurtz
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You are not disordered. According to Dr. Jessica Taylor, you are likely one of the millions of people who have been abused and traumatized only to be diagnosed as mentally disordered. But, Dr. Jess says, these so-called disorders? They are actually completely normal reactions to the disordered situations you’ve had to endure.


Dr. Jess is a chartered psychologist with a PhD in forensic psychology - and she is turning the idea of mental illness on its head.

As she’ll explain, trauma needs to be validated and seen for what it is - without having a mental illness diagnosis attached to it.

So get ready, because everything you've been told about mental illness is about to be blown up.

Dr. Jessica Taylor joined for an hour video conversation - which will also be posted on my YouTube Channel in the days ahead. So make sure to subscribe!

And just wait ‘til you hear what she says about medicating “so-called” disorders.

Oh - and if you're into attachment theory, she turns that on its head too. 

Dr. Jess has helped thousands of people through her work and as director of VictimFocus. But more than that, she is proof of the power of one. 

If you’re not in the United Kingdom, maybe you haven’t heard of her - yet. But the world will … soon.

And just wait ‘til you find out how the adversity she’s overcome, including the visceral hate - from thousands, which actually ignited her career. 

And now the bestselling author behind “Sexy But Psycho” and “Why Women Are Blamed For Everything” is also part of shows on Discovery and Netflix. But it’s her mission that will hopefully change yours - and the way you see yourself and others. 


So get ready to share this episode with everyone you know because there is no way you can keep groundbreaking information like this to yourself. 

But first, come on in and join Dr. Jess and me as we dig straight into her life, and yours - as it were. And learn about the power of one with what she's done. And the power you have.

Because as she'll tell you, there's nothing wrong with you …


• Why at any one time if you're distressed you could be diagnosed with at least 14 psychiatric disorders.
• The confusion between mental illness and trauma
• How to become trauma-informed.
• The relationship between validation and self-diagnosis.
• The 3 myths we believe when it comes to mental illness.
• Why Dr. Jess wants a medication-free 2023 and how that can happen
• How attachment theory has been misused, twisted, and dumbed-down.
• What to do if you feel lonely and depressed and think you’re helpless.
• Oh, and the rat experiment I mention (but forgot its name) that explains addiction? It’s called The Radical Addiction Experiment.
• You are not alone.

The full video conversation of my chat with Dr. Jess will be coming soon to my YouTube Channel. Also coming soon to my YouTube Channel, the full video conversation with Dr. Gabor Maté. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it! (The audio of that conversation can still be found in the podcast archives: Dr. Gabor Maté - Part 1 and Part 2.)

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