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Dahlia Kurtz
DAHLIA is like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - but for adults. This fun and meaningful podcast looks for the helpers and ways to help you through your day. It may be conversations with everyday people doing extraordinary things, Oscar winners who have overcome the odds, or the man who jumped off The Golden Gate Bridge to take his life, yet miraculously lived to save so many lives. It may be giving a voice to those in need. But it’s always bringing people together. You won't get inundated with information here. You already get too much of that. You need wonder and reflection. So expect lots of that. Dahlia has been a talk show host for a decade with a mission to spread kindness. And her Network of Angels always leaves a trail. So come on over and let's make good things happen ... Why live and let live when you can live and HELP live?
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EP. 16: Do you have imposter syndrome or are you an actual imposter? Great question. I’d love to tell you. But I barely have time to tell you. I’ve had a lot going on lately. A big speech, a fundraiser, a national daily show, this podcast, videos … I’m being pulled in a gajillion directions - by all of these projects and people - as if I even know what I’m doing. And there’s this massive weight of imposter syndrome suffocating me lately. You know, like the past two, three … decades.


Now, I’ve chosen to do all of this during a very stressful time. Plus, I’m just about to sit down and have a chat with Dr. Gabor Mate … a little somethin’ special I’m whippin’ up for you. Then, we come face-to-face - and one of my worst nightmares unfolds right in front of him. (And, no, it’s not my newfound fat lip I mention in this episode.)

You see, stress creates monsters in your mind. Even if stress can guess your worst-case scenario, it doesn’t mean it can guess how others will react to your worst-case scenario. As it turns out, that nightmare - along with Gabor’s graciousness - will make that upcoming episode SO MUCH BETTER.


All of this has helped me come to a realization that will help you. Because let me tell you, you probably aren’t who you think you are. But you are certainly NOT an imposter. Now, allow me to help. As a bonus, you’ll also receive two or three embarrassing stories about me. Which are nothing compared to what you’ll discover next episode. So, no biggie!

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