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Dahlia Kurtz
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What is carcinophobia and do you have it? Rare question. Common problem. Here’s the short answer: It is a cancer and you may have it. But it’s not The Big C. It’s fear. Specifically, the fear of cancer. Yes, it’s an actual diagnosis. And it’s so exhausting. Every symptom you have - and every symptom you don’t have - become cancer in your mind. After our chat with Dr. Gabor Maté the other week, many more people joined our Live And Help Live community in search of healing. Well, today, we continue down that path.


“I don’t sleep at night, panicking over my fear of cancer.” “How do I stop the fear of cancer from ruining my life?” “I swear I feel the cancer - even though doctors keep telling me there’s nothing there.” These are just some of the thoughts people have confided in me - usually after I tell them how I grew up with this phobia. Yes, I had an irrational fear of cancer for a huge chunk of my life …

Interestingly, I became less afraid when I recently - privately - went through a couple of real cancer scares - scares that spanned months. Stories I have kept secret, until now. Actually, I will share a few of my deepest, darkest secrets in this episode. Because sharing them takes the darkness away. And we all need more light in our lives.

And listen, just because a doctor feels something unusual, it doesn’t mean you have cancer. Still, it can mean you have fear, which like cancer can metastasize. I mean, think about this: If you have, say, breast cancer, when caught early, it has a cure rate higher than 93%. But how do you cure fear?

We need to talk about carcinophobia. The fear people are so afraid to discuss that most don’t even know it’s a common phobia. Why do you have it? What are the symptoms? What can you do to fight it? If you suffer, there’s help. And you’ve now found it. You are not alone.

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People from all over the world have listened to my sit-down conversation with Dr. Gabor Maté (PART 1 and PART 2). In it, Gabor makes a big personal reveal. Which led me to invite his son Daniel Maté for a chat on Instagram Live. And YOU are cordially invited too! Also, one lucky viewer will win a signed copy of Gabor and Daniel’s latest bestseller, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, & Healing in a Toxic Culture.

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