Nov 30, 2022 • 46M


And of these 10 things you really need, not one of them is more stuff ...

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Dahlia Kurtz
DAHLIA is like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - but for adults. This fun and meaningful podcast looks for the helpers and ways to help you through your day. It may be conversations with everyday people doing extraordinary things, Oscar winners who have overcome the odds, or the man who jumped off The Golden Gate Bridge to take his life, yet miraculously lived to save so many lives. It may be giving a voice to those in need. But it’s always bringing people together. You won't get inundated with information here. You already get too much of that. You need wonder and reflection. So expect lots of that. Dahlia has been a talk show host for a decade with a mission to spread kindness. And her Network of Angels always leaves a trail. So come on over and let's make good things happen ... Why live and let live when you can live and HELP live?
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So it’s your last day on Planet Earth, and I introduce you to the person whom you’ve always wanted to meet. You.

Well, the person you would have become had you done all of those things that you always wanted to do. But didn’t… 

What a pang in the stomach, right. What does this tell you?


You’re not stressed about all of those things you have to do. You’re stressed out about all of those things that you haven’t done. That you still haven’t done. That you have yet to do.

You don’t need another gadget, another shirt, or another 56-cyber-deals-you-have-to-order-right-now because they’re life-changing products. What you really need are goals. What you really need is purpose. What you really need, you’re about to get … 

So, today you’ll learn the 10 things you really need in life - based on the top-5 regrets people shared with palliative nurse Bonnie Ware before they died.

This will come with science-backed evidence - but most importantly, it will come from my heart. Because I had that moment where I almost died, (which I shared with you in Episode 1). And those top regrets flashed through my mind too and have changed my life for the better.


So how do you avoid those top-5 regrets? By embracing these 10 things you really need in life … and not one of them is more stuff.


• The top-5 regrets of people in their last days.
• 10 things you can start right now to avoid those regrets.
• Self-compassion.
• Why you try to fill the “happiness void” with all of the wrong things, according to science.
• You are not alone.

And you know how people say, money can’t buy happiness? Of course it can! We both know that. But you’re not looking for happiness. You’re looking for fulfilment. You see, advertisers have convinced you that you’re looking for their brand of happiness.

This is not just a list about saving you money - at a time when you really, REALLY, need to save money. This is a list about saving regrets. This is a list about rescuing your potential. This is the list you’ve been trying to fill - with all of the wrong things. 

Before you even start listening, share this episode with someone you care about. It’s one of the best gifts you can give - and the cheapest.


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